Bechtel-Enka for embezzling taxpayers’ money, says Democratic Union


The Democratic Union (DS) demands that the State Audit Office conduct an audit of the previous activities and the spending of millions of sums (over millions of euros) of the state institutions in connection with the preparations for the construction of corridors 8 and 10-d, by the Bechtel-Enka Consortium, worth 1 billion and 300 million euros, as well as the planned over 300 million euros for the expropriation of the land where the routes of the corridors (roads).
“A great amount of controversial and corrupt information regarding consultants, supervision, etc. has been presented to the public, which opened up many questions, especially that it is a serious crime, which endangers the entire project and it may happen that we are left without millions of euros and without roads, with big obligations to the companies that should build the roads,” said the DS party.
The party suggests that the Government submit information to the Parliament about the activities so far, and that the Parliament start a debate.

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