Grubi and Kovachevski chose a company with experience in sewing underwear to supervise the construction of the corridors, it reeks of corruption and rigged tender, says opposition


Everything Kovachevski and Grubi said in defense of the criminal tender for the supervision of the construction of corridors 8 and 10D, they lied. And, as the people say, those who lie, steal as well. The facts completely disproved their falsehoods, VMRO-DPMNE said on Wednesday.
Grubi and Kovacevski assured that foreign experts would lead the supervision, and it turned out that the Macedonian controversial companies Elektra Solutions of Ampov and Euro consulting (of the wanted criminal Branimir Dimitrijevic) will receive 70% of the big tender. That is, out of 22 million euros, Elektra Solutions will take 8.2 million euros, and the company of the criminal Branimir Dimitrijevic wanted with an international warrant, will collect 7.1 million euros. The authorities assured that the companies are reputable, and Elektra Solutions received a license for supervision in time before the expiration of the public procurement period, and from many years of experience it can only boast of sewing underwear. Grubi and his team chose an underwear company to supervise the construction of highways in Macedonia. That speaks volumes,” said VMRO-DPMNE.

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