Stojanoski in front of the premises of Electra Solutions: This is the professional company that will supervise the Corridors


We are standing in front of the entrance of the former Svilara in Veles, plants in which Elektra Solutions is registered. In these plants, this company, which will now conduct supervision of the construction of Corridors 8 and 10 D, used to produce underwear. That is the expertise that Elektra Solutions has. From textile plant to supervision of the most expensive construction project in the country, said Bojan Stojanoski from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE.
“In addition to Elektra Solutions of the son Ampov, there are also offices here of the Veles Road Institute of father Ampov, which won the first tender for supervision, which was canceled due to the Russian connection. The most symptomatic is that the Croatian company with Russian capital IGH, which was the holder of the Consortium with which the Veles Road Institute won the first tender, is also located in these plant offices. After the contract between IGH and the state collapses, a new call is issued, on which instead of the father’s company, which is located behind these plants behind us, the son’s company is called, which is also located in the plants behind us. Citizens can see that these are textile plants. And so, large foreign companies contacted this company Elektra Solutions with experience in the production of underwear to bid together in the oversight tender worth 22 million euros,” added Stojanoski.

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