Grubi: Macedonia will have Albanian PM, as agreed by Ahmeti and Zaev


After Bujar Osmani and Artan Grubi with the same statement – Macedonia will have an Albanian prime minister, as agreed.
Vice Prime Minister Artan Grubi said in an interview for the Kosovo television “Dukagjini” that the agreement between former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the leader of DUI, Ali Ahmeti will be implemented and Macedonia will get an Albanian Prime Minister.
“In 2020, we came up with a modern campaign, which resonated in Pristina and Tirana, saying that the time has come for the first Albanian prime minister, and this is also Ali Ahmeti’s project, to break the taboos. The time has come to overcome prejudices by electing an Albanian prime minister. The people’s decision was: the Social Democratic Union (SDSM) won 46 MP seats, DUI 15, and we had 61 MPs combined,” Grubi told the Kosovo television.

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