Bytyqi warns: If traders and manufacturers do not react on their own, we will make a decision in the citizens’ interest


Apparently that’s what we’re used to in our society, it’s always the last day, even when it’s for a good job. I think they are waiting for the last day, but tomorrow morning we will see the prices, said the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi, asked whether the Government’s decision to reduce the price of milk and dairy products in stores, which should be applied from March 16, has been obeyed.
Whether and what sanctions there would be for those who do not reduce prices, the Deputy PM replied that freezing the price was enough as a measure and was also the most difficult decision for them.
“In a market economy, there must be morality and ethics. If they do not implement it, then the Government will implement the measures that need to be taken – freezing the prices, which is the most difficult decision possible for a producer or trader. But according to all calculations, we have not caused any damage by freezing prices,” said the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs.

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