As much as 168,000 were cashed from the state budget for two days of celebration for the Government’s anniversary


Taxpayers paid 168,000 euros from the state budget for the two-day conference entitled “Year of New Opportunities” on the occasion of one year since the formation of the Government headed by Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski, reports TV Sitel.

The money ended up in two companies and for three items. Most of the money was given for the organization of the event, i.e. for sound, lighting, panels and the like. The organizer was the company Phonolux, which charged 148,000 (148,277) euros for these services.

Catering services and the lease of the conference hall went through the company Noa Tours, for which almost 20,000 euros (19,705) were paid, of which 6,800 (6,812) for catering services, and the rest (12,893) for the lease of the conference hall.

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