Ljutkov: Ministry of Culture has only 1.2 percent of the general budget for 2023, and the Government did not provide funds for the collective agreement


“The city of culture like Veles with many manifestations, which used to have five, six million denars for production today, to reduce it to barely two million is a shame. I can also mention Dramski here, I think that the budget has been cut by about 60% for these 6-7 years, so now there is a budget somewhere around 3 million. If in 2017 we ended it with 8.7 million, today we have barely three million denars for production”, said Zoran Ljutkov, a member of the VMRO-DPMNE EC in an interview with Kanal 77.

Ljutkov added that in order for the audience to enter to watch a play, conditions must be ensured. Production budgets are at catastrophic levels. The film fund has been cut by 5 million euros.

“If in 2013 the Ministry of Culture had 2.15% of the general budget, in 2014 it reached the record of 2.30%.” In 2020 it is 1.4%, and in 2021 it is 1.43%. And, in 2022, 1.49%, and 2023 is 1.2%. With this kind of attitude that SDSM has towards culture these 6 years, with the change of five ministers who can’t really move from their position and with the placement of inappropriate personnel in the most strategic positions in the Government, we cannot talk about anything more”, Ljutkov noted.



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