Mexhiti is breathing down Ahmeti’s neck – poll on the rating of politicians


Citizens have the most positive opinion about IzetMexhiti, even though he is not the leader of a political party, and the majority of them said negatively about First Deputy Prime Minister ArtanGrubi, or rather about 60 percent. This was confirmed by the survey conducted in the second half of February this year by AlsatM TV. Mexhiti is ranked in the group of political leaders with the support of 43.5 percent, followed by Ali Ahmeti with 48.9 percent and ArbenTaravari with 46 percent.

“The respondents have a more positive opinion of Ali Ahmeti (48.9%), ArbenTaravari (46%) and IzetMexhiti (43.5%) and a more negative opinion of MenduhThaci (58.6%) and ArtanGrubi (58.3%). ). Regarding the developments in DUI and the division of the so-called “Fire Group”, the respondents singled out Mexhiti as the most suitable contender for a future political leader. 21.4 percent of them believe that Mexhiti can be the leader of a political party.

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