March 25 – the day dedicated to Saint Kiril Lesochki will be celebrated for the first time  


On Saturday, the first church liturgy will be held for the first time on the occasion of the feast of St. Kiril Lesochki, which will be celebrated from this year after the canonization of Kiril Pejcinovikj, who was declared a saint, was carried out in October 2022. Last year, during the canonization, March 25 was determined as the day when Saint Kiril Lesochki will be celebrated.

“A Holy Bishop’s Liturgy will be held starting at 8:00 a.m. in the church of Saint Athanasius in Lesok. The liturgy will be led by the Metropolitan of the Tetovo-Gostivar Diocese Josif in the service of several other metropolitans and priests. We call on the faithful to come and pray for the saint and for the health of their families,” the Tetovo-Gostivar Diocese announced on Tuesday.


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