Alternativa: Shpend Tahiri is the protagonist of the discovery of the Idrizovo prison escape


Alternativa reacted to the dismissal of the former director of the Idrizovo Penitentiary, Shpend Tahiri, by the Government. The party says that yesterday’s action in the prison, which resulted in the discovery of a tunnel that was dug for a long time for the escape of prisoners, is precisely the result of the work of the director from the ranks of Alternativa, Shpend Tahiri.

“To say that the director of the Idrizovo prison was replaced as a punishment is not only inappropriate, but also ungrateful to the man who worked until the last day of his job without a single affair. Thanks to the conscientious management of the prison institution, countless attempts to escape and introduce narcotics into the prison circle were discovered, caught and sanctioned, including this last one, which is the crowning glory of its success,” said Alternativa.

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