Culture Ministry employees demand salary increase via protest


The employees of the Ministry of Culture, the Administration for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and the Film Agency gathered on Friday for a protest in front of the Ministry of Finance, expressing dissatisfaction with their monthly incomes.
As stated by the head of the Trade Union Organization at the Ministry of Culture of UPOZ, Branko Kostovski, the salaries of almost 70 percent of the employees in these three institutions are below the average salary in the country, and the difference with the salaries of employees in the same positions in institutions in the field of culture is 10 thousand MKD each.
Kostovski added that the trade union organization under the Ministry of Culture has already prepared a draft text of the collective agreement, which foresees an objective and correct increase in the salaries of the employees, for which the Ministry of Finance gave a negative opinion last year. But after just a few days, as he mentioned, the Law on Budgets established a 30 percent salary increase for the employees of the Ministry of Finance.

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