Inspectors visit the Bitola hospital after the death of little Jana, hospital director called to Skopje for a meeting with the health minister


Extraordinary surveillance of what happened in Bitola has already begun, the director is already on his way to Skopje where he will have a meeting with the minister and the deputy, said Macedonian Prime Minister Kovachevski
Inspectors from the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate, as well as the public prosecutor, are acting in the case of the death of six-year-old Jana in the hospital in Bitola.
The director of the hospital, Aleksandar Obednikovski, is on his way to Skopje, where he is supposed to meet with the Minister of Health Fatmir Mejiti, and his deputy Maja Manoleva.
According to the information that has come to the public so far, six-year-old Jana died in the hospital after being admitted with symptoms of a cold. Her father told the media yesterday that the child’s blood sugar was measured with a value of 9, but they gave her a glucose IV at the hospital.

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