Shtip hospital operates with only 8 cardiologists and 23 nurses for two regions in the country, twice as many are needed


The head of the cardiology department at the Shtip clinical hospital Doctor Sashko Nikolov says in an interview with MIA that the hospital lacks staff, and that the cardiology department needs twice the number of employees. Now it works with eight cardiologists, 23 nurses, two paramedics and one hygienist for patients from two regions in the country. He believes that by doubling the staff, this department will function perfectly.

“After working hours, after three o’clock, until the next day, after 50, 60 examinations, there is one doctor who has to take care of the patients who are stented and the patients who are hospitalized in a serious state of health. There is one nurse on each ward looking after 10 to 12 patients in the intensive care unit, another 12 patients in the semi-intensive care unit, that’s very little staff. We, however, try to give the maximum response to the requests that our patients have,” said Dr. Nikolov.


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