Government is looking for a way not to change the plates because of the NMK marking, says Spasovski


It is possible to adopt a solution for vehicle registration plates that will not represent a financial burden on the citizens and instead of new plates, they will receive stickers with the NMK mark – announced the Macedonian Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski in an interview with Radio Free Europe.
As Spasovski said, instead of paying between MKD 1,400 and MKD 1,500 for new license plates on which instead of the MK (Macedonia) mark, the NMK (North Macedonia) mark stands, it is possible that this fee will be omitted and a solution will be found with stickers only.
This obligation stems from the Prespa Agreement, but there is an ongoing debate about how it will be implemented, after the large number of reactions that the renewal would cost the citizens a total of EUR 11 million.

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