The reforms and continuous trainings in the Ministry of Interior have contributed to increasing the integrity of the police, says Interior Minister


In an interview with Radio Free Europe, Macedonian Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski, speaking on the subject of the State Department’s Annual Report on Human Rights that noted the poor treatment received by prisoners, overcrowding in prisons and the corruption of the guard, i.e. prison police staff, agreed that it is real a description of the situation and a description from which we will have to start their change, but once again he made a clear distinction that the prison police, as well as the judicial or forest police, are not under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Interior and have not passed the checks and training of police officers in the Ministry of Interior.
“Things have been detected correctly, that it refers primarily to the prison system. By the way, we, as the Ministry of the Interior, recently had actions in the Idrizovo prison, primarily for crime and corruption, during which we detained several people who have already been brought to justice. And a few days ago, in cooperation with the National Security Agency and the Public Prosecutor’s Office, we discovered another major criminal activity in the Idrizovo prison with the digging of an escape tunnel,” stressed Minister Spasovski.

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