Kovachevski and Grubi from the institutions did logistics for the businesses close to them, that’s why there is no money for textbooks


Kovachevski and Grubi have destroyed the state, the institutions are not able to perform basic functions, because everything is directed as logistics to the businesses of people close to them, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Tuesday.

“The most scandalous statement was made by the Minister of Education and Science Jeton Shaqiri, who said that the Ministry of Education and Science does not have the funds to print all the textbooks for secondary education.

This statement is proof of how miserable the Government is. The Ministry of Education and Science has over 450 million euros in its budget, and there is none for textbooks. Where do they spend the money then? This Government spends the largest budget in history, and there is no money for textbooks. Where is the citizens’ money? The answer lies in the following few sentences:

The Government has money for criminal surveillance of 22 million euros, but none for textbooks”, said the opposition VMRO-DPMNE.




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