Xhaferi: No one has submitted an initiative for constitutional amendments, if there is no consensus It is all for nothing


There is still no concrete initiative for the constitutional amendments, and according to the Rules of Procedure, a plenary debate on the amendment of the Constitution is limited to three days per amendment, said Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi at a press briefing on Tuesday.

“It is easy to calculate the time, from the moment you have the initiative. The scope that will be covered derives from the initiative. If there is no consensus, it is all for nothing. No matter how many amendments there are, plenary and commission hearings are limited to three days for constitutional amendments. My obligation begins when I receive a specific proposal, an initiative,” said Xhaferi.

He Parliament Speaker stressed that in order for the constitutional amendments to be passed in November, the procedure should start in June or July.

Xhaferi added that the maximum duration of the debate regarding the amendment, i.e. the text, has been determined.

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