Law on games of chance should not be pushed with a EU fast-track procedure, says Pendarovski


President Stevo Pendarovski said that the Government should not hurry with the adoption of the new Law on Games of Chance and informs that in the coming days there should be a meeting with the people who are part of the industry.
“We need a debate on that issue and I appeal to the Government not to push the bill with a a EU fast-track procedure. To go through a regular procedure so that we can face the views and see what is the European standard and what is our national interest and the interest of the citizens. Many people are employed in the industry and people who earn their living in that business. We need to strike a balance, but I don’t believe that will happen if it goes through the parliamentary procedure. We are often criticized for laws that are marked with an EU flag. We need a debate that will not last three days,” replied Pendarovski to the media.

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