Kovachevski: There is nothing sillier than borders in the Balkans, they are only a source of corruption!


We were the only countries that did not have borders. And now we are the only ones who now have borders”, said the Prime Minister of North Macedonia Dimitar Kovachevski at a press briefing. There is nothing sillier than the borders in the Balkans. So if you go north from here to Horvos, only 200 kilometers from here, there are no borders to Scandinavia. And if you want to go to the Balkans, there are borders every 100 kilometers.

“I imagine the Western Balkans as a region without borders, integrated into the EU. Borders between countries that have a duty-free regime between them, that have friendly relations, are only a source of corruption and nothing else,” Kovachevski said at a press conference with Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic.


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