DS: Instead of importing labor, retraining and better work conditions for young people


More than 115,000 citizens in Macedonia are unemployed, of which over 20,000 are young people under the age of 25, which is why it is necessary for the Government to make a plan for their retraining and provide them with better work conditions, instead of proposing the import of labor from abroad, which it will be much more expensive, without the necessary knowledge and skills and will significantly affect the reduction of the labor market price, said the Democratic Union (DS), whose representatives recently left the Government, after it was announced that the planned import of labor from abroad, which according to this party could have long-term negative effects on the demographic structure of the country, create security, inter-religious and other issues.

“Language and cultural barriers, together with the potential for discrimination and ideological disagreements can create tensions and social problems that could affect the overall stability of the country,” said the DS.


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