Alliance for Albanians: The dominance of one ethnic group has ended once and for all


The fact that VMRO-DPMNE is thinking and talking about constitutional amendments is a good thing for them as a political entity, but also for the country, the Alliance for Albanians party reacted on Sunday to the proposal of the largest opposition party in the country.

VMRO-DPMNE earlier on the proposal for constitutional amendments in which the Bulgarians, Croats and other nations should be included in the Macedonian Constitution, proposed to take the example of Croatia whose preamble states that it is a country of the Croatian people and other minorities.

“The solution offered by this political entity regarding the preamble is an absolute ignorance of reality or a deliberate deviation for electoral effects. The time of dominance of one ethnic group in North Macedonia has ended once and for all and there is no going back to such a time. Macedonians are 54% and Albanians 30% and combined they do not make up the percentage of Croats in Croatia which is over 90%. The placement of the Albanians in their proposal as a national minority once again shows that their mentality has been brought back decades and it is regrettable”, said the Alliance for the Albanians, citing data from the contradictory population census postponed for decades and conducted in the conditions of the pandemic.

Previously, however, the parties from the Albanian corps demanded that when the Macedonian Constitution is opened, the Albanian language should be counted as the second official language in the country.

“The political party VMRO-DPMNE must overcome their electoral interests and rise to the task that belongs to them, including the willingness of its leader to publicly express himself, in the removal of offensive terminology for the language of their fellow citizens, in this case the Albanian language” , the AA’s press release added.



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