Railways employees stage another strike, who is Zulhajrat Demiri, the new director of Macedonian Railways?


Due to the strike of the employees, the trains have not been running for 4 days, and no one has been bitten by a fly. Neither the new director came out to explain what was happening, nor did Minister Bochvarski do anything about it.

“The anniversary of 150 years of railways in N. Macedonia – April 9 is approaching, and there are no trains on the tracks. When it comes to the new director Zulhajrat Demiri, while looking for his professional biography that is not on the official website of Macedonian Railways, photos from 2017 can be found on the Facebook social platform according to which it can be concluded that he had worked in hospitality services,” said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Monday.

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