Kovachevski: Corridor 8 is a new economic and development impulse for the country, an opportunity for Macedonia to be on the traffic and economic map of Europe


The Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia Dimitar Kovachevski attended the laying of the foundation stone of the Corridor 8 project in Tetovo on Tuesday, which marked the beginning of the construction of a modern, contemporary highway Tetovo – Gostivar, Gostivar – Bukojchani, Trebenishte – Struga – Kjafasan.

“Today’s act is the beginning of a serious strategic and statesmanship feat, the benefit and grace of which will be seen by the current and future generations of our country, but also by our two neighboring countries to the east and to the west, which are connected by Corridor 8, and to all who will they pass through it,” Kovachevski said.

Laying the cornerstone of Corridor VIII is not only a beginning of a new road infrastructure, but also a cornerstone of new investments – creating new markets, opportunities for new cooperation between domestic and international companies, added the PM.



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