We are not at the beginning, we are before the beginning of constitutional amendments and we are available for a leaders’ meeting, says Mickoski


When it comes to the Constitution, let’s look at things, not through the prism of party interest, but as they stand from a legal and procedural point of view, and then I will give you an answer and what is the position of VMRO-DPMNE, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski, asked during the visit to Butel Municipality on Tuesday.

“For the possible intervention in the Constitution, there are three steps. The first is in the parliament, there is an initiative that determines the need to open the Constitution. This means that two-thirds of the MPs will vote IN FAVOR, or there will not be two-thirds IN FAVOR. If there are those who will vote in favor then the second step follows, that is the formation of a constitutional commission that works on amendments and brings them to the Parliament. Then a majority of MPs from the total number or 61 is needed.

And if there is, then the voted amendments are returned again and a final text is formed and returned to the Parliament. Then two-thirds of the total number of MPs are needed, and somewhere around that, a minimum of 104 to 105 days are needed if, in an ideal case, the procedure starts from beginning to end,” Mickoski said.

The opposition leader pointed out that ‘we are not even at the beginning, we are before the beginning of the constitutional amendments’.



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