Prime Minister’s wife’s company buys state land for only MKD 70 per square meter


The State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) should open a case and investigate the government decision signed by the Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi, by which the company of the wife of the Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski is sold state land at a very low price, VMRO-DPMNE MP Mile Lefkov said on Wednesday.
“Grubi signs a decision on the sale of land for a photovoltaic plant to Kovachevski’s wife at a price of MKD 70 per square meter,” said Lefkov.
“The company of Kovachevski’s wife, Sol Group 5 DOO Skopje, will buy 1,119 m2 of land for a total of 1,273 euros, in order to finalize the plot and proceed with obtaining permits from the institutions for the construction of the photovoltaic plant,” added MP Lefkov.

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