We had Croatia’s model of Constitution before 2001, says Maleski


The Croatian formulation is the one we had before 2001 and before the signing of the Ohrid Framework Agreement. Macedonia was then a national state of the Macedonian people and a state of national minorities, the first Minister of Foreign Affairs Denko Maleskitold Deutsche Welle.

Maleski posed a rhetorical question: Who is the topic “Croatian model in Macedonia” intended for?

“It is intended for a terrified and worried people who have been forced to think, for thirty years now, that they are the most defeated people in the world. And all this against the facts of peaceful independence, UN membership, NATO membership, the beginning of negotiations with the EU, etc. Aware of the importance of the country continuing on the path to the EU, Macedonian social democrats, the president of the country and some foreign representatives reached out for words of consolation: Nothing will happen if some 3,000 Bulgarians are added to the Constitution, just like in Croatia, which has 22 ethnic communities,”Maleskiadded.

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