Kovachevski resigns asESM director, to be succeeded by Vasko Stefanov


Vasko Stefanov will be the new director of AD ESM after Vasko Kovachevski’s withdrawal from the position, Fokus.mk reported. Stefanov became the director of the Macedonian PostOffice after the dismissal of JaniMakraduli, and he was also the director of PE Water Supply.

Several months ago, VaskoKovachevski submitted his resignation from the post of general director of AD Elektranina Severna Macedonia (ESM) to the Government, for personal reasons.

The ESM Supervisory Board appointed Kovachevski as the Chair of the Management Board and General Director of the state-owned company in July 2019. He was previously the director of TPP Bitola (the largest subsidiary of ESM) since January 2018.

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