Gerasimovski will present the initiative for confiscation to Bochvarski and Loga, instead of demolishing the illegal constructions


After receiving support from the members of the Community of Local Self-Government Units (ZELS), the Mayor of Centar Municipality GoranGerasimovski will now present the initiative for confiscation, instead of demolishing the illegal constructions, to the line ministers for transport and communications and for justice, BlagojBochvarski and KrenarLoga. The initiative envisages that illegal constructions, instead of being demolished, as required by law, will be confiscated and given a new purpose for the citizens of the municipality.

Gerasimovski will inform the ministers about the need for this initiative to develop into a legal solution because, as they say from the Municipality of Centar, it is not only necessary for this, but for all municipalities in the country, this municipality announced on Thursday.

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