Police shut down website that stole bank account information impersonating the Public Revenue Office


The servers of the fake website through which bank accounts and personal data were stolen from citizens have been shut down. Ujp-gov.mk is down today, but the domain has not been deleted from Marnet, where all websites with “.mk” are registered. This comes after the involvement of the police in the hunt for the fraudsters. For now, it is known that the website is registered under someone else’s name and surname, with a fake address and a fake phone number. But it is unknown whether and how many people left personal data.

There is still no answer from Marnet, why the domain was not deleted for two months, and it was registered with false personal information. Silence also on the question of whether it is possible to prevent registrations on such websites in order to prevent citizens from being exposed to abuses.

The fake website of fraudsters posing as the PRO was registered on February 6. A certain Jovan Trajanovski is listed as the owner, with a false and incorrect home and email address.

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