Nikolovska: The Appellate Court’s decision for the April 27 organizers is professional


In this particular case, I want to point out one thing about the case for the organizers of April 27. The public statement from the Appellate Court says exactly why they decided to return the case for a retrial and I consider their announcement to be professional. There it is stated that the defendants’ injuries have been ascertained after that criminal procedure,” said lawyer Ruzhica Nikolovska in an interview with TV 24. She added that the legal theory says something else, the laws say something else and it is known exactly what the characteristics of this kind of crime are.

“There is selective sentencing of people for the events of April 27, because of those who have been convicted so far, they are really selective. This is why it is impossible to prosecute persons such as police officers and the like who did not commit a single act of violence and at the same time not to condemn the person who opened the doors to the Parliament, and above all to reward him,” Nikolovska said.

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