National Bank’s Velichkovski: The amount of fees between service providers for payments with payment cards at POS devices is limited


The new Law on Payment Services and Payment Systems provides higher protection to both citizens and companies. It provides for clear information to citizens before signing a framework agreement with payment service providers about the terms and amount of the fee for their use.

For the first time, there is also a limit on the amount of fees that payment service providers charge each other for the use of payment cards, issued by one provider of POS devices, and placed at merchants by another provider, as a cost that affects the final price of payment services.

The amount of these fees will gradually decrease and at the beginning of 2025 it will not be allowed to be higher than 0.2% of the value of the payment transaction made with a debit card, that is, from 0.3% for a credit payment card. This will bring the limit equal to that currently applied in the EU. This would further affect the price paid by merchants for the use of POS devices, said the director of the Directorate for Payment Systems at the National Bank Igor Velichkovski in an interview with Bloomberg Adria.

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