Via the “Invest Macedonia” project, the country became part of the map of investors in the world


Filip Nelkovski, former head of the Invest Macedonia office in Vienna, gave a speech on the topic “Disastrous international promotion of Macedonia”, who emphasized that “Invest Macedonia” was a project which, from today’s perspective, is one of the best in the last 15- 20 years in Macedonia for attracting investors.
“Invest Macedonia was a project, looking from today’s perspective, it is the best project in Macedonia in the past 15-20 years. It can be seen by the results, it can be seen by how much we export now to certain countries, what products we export, what kind of workforce we have created, and most of all by the way companies reinvest here. So they have 10-year contracts, they have expired and they decide to continue here, which means that something good has been done”, Nelkovski stressed.

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