Archbishop Stefan: For the first time since 1767, we celebrate Easter in canonical unity


All our faith in the ever-living God rests on the greatest event in history – on Christ’s resurrection! Because if Christ had not risen, our preaching would be in vain and our faith would be in vain! But He truly rose again and thereby forever showed the human race the way to eternity. And only Christ’s sacrifice could give us the Kingdom of Heaven, said the head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church (MOC-OA), Archbishop Stefan, in this year’s Easter Epistle.
Part of the epistle:
“This year’s Easter, for the first time since the banning of the activities of the Ohrid Archdiocese in 1767, we celebrate it in the joy of unity with all other local Orthodox Churches. We thank the resurrected Christ for that, and we ask that His grace be abundantly poured out on the Orthodox Macedonian people, but also on all those who live in the areas of our Macedonia, and to protect us from various divisions and enmities. Let the unity in Orthodoxy and the recognition of our autocephalous status be an incentive for us to build and preserve our spiritual and national unity”.

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