Macedonians and Bulgarians have the shortest life expectancy in the region


Citizens of N. Macedonia and Bulgaria have the shortest life expectancy in the region, and are also low on the European list, according to an analysis published by the website Landgeist based on data from the UN Development Program (UNDP).
The average life expectancy of Bulgarians is 74.9 years, and Macedonians 75.7. Next are the Serbs and Albanians with 75.8 years, Montenegrins with 76.8, the inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina with 77.3 and the Croats with 78.3 years. The longest-lived in the region are the Greeks, whose life expectancy is 82.1 years.
In Europe, Ukrainians have the shortest life expectancy at 72 and Russians at 72.4 years of age.

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