Penalties worth millions for Bechtel and Enka if the 60-hour workweek is not given the green light


If the Parliament does not pass the legal amendments that will allow the workers who will work on the highways to be employed 60 hours a week, the state will have to pay the American-Turkish company 53 million euros of people’s money from the budget on the basis of compensation.
The vice-president of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski claims that he had an insight into the agreement and says that if within 45 days from the signing of the agreement the government does not adopt the legal amendments, it will have to pay penalties on three grounds, the state will pay a one-time payment to Bechtel and Enka 53 million euros, each month will pay an additional 1,265,000 euros to the already existing costs that have to be paid in the contract, and on top of this, another 900,000 euros will have to be paid every month.

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