Marichikj: VMRO-DPMNE is running away from responsibility, to the detriment of the state is missing the opportunity to take part in the constitutional amendments process


We don’t have the luxury of wasting time, we have started the negotiations, the screening process is ongoing and the experience so far tells us that if we leave them, these obligations become more difficult, not easier, the SDSM Secretary for International Cooperation Bojan Marichikj said during an interview with TV 24 regarding the constitutional amendments.

“I am sorry that VMRO-DPMNE misses the opportunity to participate in such a key process, as they missed it for the NATO process. These constitutional amendments are in the negotiation framework and must be implemented. VMRO-DPMNE changed its position several times. First it demanded guarantees, and now it is hiding behind the Croatian constitutional model. It turns out that the problem is not the Bulgarians, but the status of the communities in our country,” stressed Marichikj.

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