Levica criminal complaint against Pendikov for slandering the Macedonian people


The Macedonian opposition party Levicafiled a criminal complaint to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office – Ohrid against HristijanPendikov, in his capacity as General Secretary of the neo-fascist association “Tsar Boris III”.

The party accuses Pendikov of injuring the reputation of N. Macedonia, of making a mockery of the Macedonian people, but also of causing hatred and discord on a national basis. Levica’s statement reads as following:

“Pendikov, in an interview broadcast on February 14, 2023, on one of the most watched televisions in a neighboring foreign country, deliberately made false statements and slanders the Macedonian people and the Republic of Macedonia. Namely, the person reported in the controversial interview presents the well-known negative theses of Bulgarian chauvinism that “Macedonians and Bulgarians are one and the same people”.

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