Panova: Kovachevski and Grubi signed and made a commitment to pay millions in damages if they do not implement a 60-hour work week, PPO should investigate immediately


Dimitar Kovachevski and ArtanGrubi negotiated and signed an agreement with Bechtel and Enka which stipulates conditions for the fulfillment of which neither of them has a mandate. According to the documents, the Government will have to pay 53 million euros in damages for not enabling a 60-hour work week, within 45 days of signing the contract, noted VMRO-DPMNE MP Eli Panova.

“This means that if a 60-hour work week is not adopted by April 22, Macedonia will already on April 23 have to pay 53 million euros as a one-time damages and pay an additional over 2.1 million euros every month, a loss that Kovacevski and Grubi created,” the opposition MP said.

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