Nikoloski: According to our laws, Bechtel and Enka cannot be creators of classified agreements


They explained to Artan, but they didn’t do it all the through. He says the agreement is classified because the other party asked for a business secret, but Bechtel and Enka asked for a non-disclosure agreement that has nothing to do with classification. State secret, military secret, procurement of tanks, helicopters, anti-aircraft defense, rifles, guns, etc. are classified, but there is no such thing here,” said VMRO-DPMNE vice-president AleksandarNikoloski in an interview with Alfa TV’s political show.

The opposition high official pointed out that the second thing where Grubi got stuck is that a foreign employee such as in the case of Bechtel and Enka, according to our laws, cannot be the creator of classified information, that is, a classified agreement.

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