Anesthesiologist who posted Tik Tok videos from the Tetovo hospital has been suspended, says Health Minister


I express my deepest regret that a healthcare worker behaved like this and we will do everything so that something like this does not happen to us in the future, said the Minister of Health Dr. Fatmir Mexhiti, at today’s press conference alongside the director of the Tetovo Clinical Hospital, Dr. Plumb Vela, to which they gave more details about an event from last night when an anesthesiologist from the Tetovo hospital filmed patients and doctors, and the footage was then posted on Tik Tok.
“The head of the Tetovo Police Department also called me on the phone and told me that the healthcare worker has been detained and we will continue to do everything to prevent such cases from happening in the future. We are in coordination with many other institutions and the medical chamber, and I demanded that the employment of this doctor be immediately terminated and the work license of this doctor be revoked,” said Minister Mexhiti.

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