UNESCO experts to carry out monitoring in Ohrid by end of April


Placing Ohrid on the list of endangered areas of the United Nations World Cultural Heritage Agency – UNESCO will cause a serious blow to the local economy, and will completely stop the development of the city in every sense of the word, Mayor Kiril Pecakov said on Monday.
According to the announcements, UNESCO representatives will visit Ohrid between April 25 and April 27.
For Pecakov, the theses of some environmentalists and civil activists are unacceptable, that if the Ohrid coastline is declared an area in danger, only then will all attention be directed to Ohrid and that the opportunity to hire foreign experts and receive support should be used, including financial. According to the mayor, things are not like that.
“Because then funds come, but not funds to help Ohrid and implement projects for 15.20 million euros that we need, but funds for someone to give us lectures properly and we must not allow that. Not everything has been done, for some things it had to be done faster, for some things maybe it could have been done differently, but we have essentially acted in the past period,” Mayor Pecakov told Alfa TV.

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