Instead of fines, DUI and SDS will reward illegal constructions


Artan Grubi and his backup Dimitar Kovachevski signed a harmful contract based on non-existent laws and are hiding it because they have committed to pay penalties if they do not make legal changes that will make lawlessness equal to law, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski on Tuesday.

“According to the legal amendments due to the agreement of Grubi and Kovachevski, the illegal structures on the route for certain highways will be worth the same to the state as those built in accordance with the law and permission.

Instead of fining them, DUI and SDS will reward illegal constructions!

Grubi pointed out that almost half of the route, 45% is private land, and 55% is state land, and everything found on the road route will be compensated at the same market value. This means that even those who would start building illegally now, in three months they can have a building that will be valued at market price as the most legal building,” said Stoilkovski.



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