Official car of the Idrizovo prison deputy director set on fire


The deputy director of Idrizovo prison, Femi Jonuzi, says that he does not know the exact reason why his official car was set on fire. He claims that he has not received any previous threats. Experts believe that the cause of the fire could be the electrical installation in the car.

“Last night around 8:45 pm I entered the mosque. At 9:15 p.m., someone warned that a vehicle was on fire outside. Residents helped put it out. We reported the case and they immediately came for inspection. According to the experts, the initial data say that the fire was caused by some kind of electronic malfunction. I cannot confirm that this case is related to the case from a few days ago when a prison police officer who had threats had his vehicle set on fire because I have no threats from anyone. But that should be confirmed by experts and the police,” says Femi Ionuzi, deputy director of the Idrizovo prison.


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