Miteva: The official language for international use is Macedonian, Osmani should take responsibility and resign


It is shocking that Bujar Osmani has disgraced himself and as a minister who is obliged to implement the constitution and laws, he shows basic ignorance or consciously violates them, thereby directly causing ethnic intolerance. According to the constitution, the only official language for international use is the Macedonian language! This is established in amendment 5 paragraph 1. In this amendment paragraph 1 clearly states that the official language of the entire territory of Macedonia and in international relations is the Macedonian language, said spokesperson and member of the of VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee Marija Miteva.

“Paragraph 2 indicates that the official language spoken by 20% of the citizens is the official language of the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, but is not an official language for international use. A clear distinction is made in the constitution as to which is the official language for international use and that is the Macedonian language and its Cyrillic script. Osmani must stop manipulating the public because even in the Law on the Use of Languages ​​in no article and in no paragraph is it mentioned that another language instead of Macedonian is the official language in international relations. We would like to inform Bujar Osmani about the position of the Supreme Court, which says that the constitution can be directly applied, which also saves it from the wrong application of such unconstitutional laws passed by simple majority.

Therefore, we demand an apology, responsibility and resignation from Bujar Osmani for damaging the reputation of the state by disrespecting the constitution and laws,” added Miteva.


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