Nikoloski reveals details of the Bechtel-Enka contract: Kovachevski is lying, only 30 percent of the highway workers will be local instead of 51 percent


In an interview with Fokus weekly, VMRO-DPMNE vice-president Aleksandar Nikoloski replied to the question: “Besides the obligation to introduce a 60-hour work week and pay penalties if this is not done, does the contract have other contentious elements?”

“This is concerning the plan 11 of the contract that refers to the number of workers and work plan. It defines how many workers will work on the highway and how many of them will be from abroad and how many will be domestic. Of the total number of workers, 30 percent will be local, and 70 percent foreigners. Which means that 70 percent of the money that Macedonian citizens will give for the construction of the highway will go outside the country. Instead of employing local people, Macedonia will employ foreigners. And the prime minister is lying that at least 51 percent will be domestic workers,” Nikoloski pointed out.

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