Government talks about a dialogue on the constitutional amendments, and refused it when we asked for a discussion on the Bulgarian demands, says opposition


This what it looks like to have a frivolous government, when the government rules by the “buy a day, sell it the next day” policy. We were serious about the Croatian model, but on the other side everything is done completely differently. They talk about dialogue, but it is too late for dialogue. When there were people on the streets and they were saying don’t do this, then it was time to talk, said MP from the ranks of opposition VMRO-DPMNE, Blagica Lasovska.

“Does it suit those who agreed to all the Bulgarian demands and changes to the Constitution that there are no Macedonians and that we go to the European Union as such? Those experts who hired them, will they see the Declaration or the Protocol of the Bulgarian Parliament?” said MP Lasovska.

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