Mickoski: The contract with Bechtel-Enka opened at least a dozen dilemmas for historical crime, therefore it must be made public


The contract should be shared with the Macedonian public, with you the media, so that you open a public debate and we can talk face to face, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski, asked whether in his opinion it is acceptable only the MPs who have a security certificate to see the contract that the Government signed with Bechtel-Enka.

Mickoski stated that VMRO-DPMNE revealed to the public at least a dozen dilemmas that he considers to be historically criminal, stressing that Macedonia always loses whenever SDSM is in power.

“So, when SDSM is in power, Macedonia always loses, flags are changed, names are changed, constitutions are opened, then closed. And the public must know this, because very soon from today we will have elections and we will decide if we want such politicians to lead Macedonia or do we want people who build and create,” Mickoski said.

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