Bishop Timotej: The process of integration of POA into MOC-OA has begun


The process of integration of the POA splinter churchinto MOC-OA has started, several decisions have been made, which need to be harmonized with SOC, and then the public will be informed about them, Metropolitan Timotej of Debarsko-Kichevo said Tuesday, after the end of the session of the

The Holy Synod of Bishops (SAS), which, as was announced yesterday, was supposed to discuss the unification with the POA, which should finalize the agreement between the Macedonian and Serbian churches.

“Today, the Holy Synod of Bishops of the MOC-OA sat in full composition, with the small exception of several bishops, who are abroad and one bishop, who could not come, but had his proxy to vote if necessary, but since the decisions are carried unanimously, without any exceptions, the process for the integration of the POA into the MOC-OA began today,” said Bishop Timotej.

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