Corridors 8 and 10D cost more than EUR 300 million without even starting construction, says Mickoski


The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski told a press briefing on Wednesday that the contract with Bechtel and Enka contains obligations that are already in effect. As Mickoski said, the “clock” started turning as of March 8, when the contract was signed.
From then on, the obligations stemming from the so-called special law passed in 2021 should begin to run.
“The first set of damages is the payment of 53 million euros for not changing the 60-hour week law.
Two million euros will be paid monthly from the budget for project management.
Moreover, now even if we change the law, citizens will pay 1.2 million euros per month.
All in all, up to this moment, the state’s debts to the consortium are over 300 million euros,” Mickoski stressed.

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