Number of employees in public sector stands at 129,374, 14,500 people work in government and ministries


The number of employees in the public sector, as until December 31, stands at 129,374 people. They work in 1,354 institutions. Compared to 2021, the numberof institutions has increased by eight, Minister of Information Society and Administration, Azir Aliu, told a press conference on Wednesday.
The minister informs that out of 1,354 institutions, 60 percent are at the local level, and about 40 percent are at the central level. Of them, the most or 533 institutions are from the activity of education, labor and social policy, 125 institutions, culture – 121, administration – 117, communal affairs – 113, health – 111, local government – 81, judiciary – 64, justice -14, etc.
“Compared to the 2021 report, the number of employees in the public sector has decreased by 2,714 employees. Out of the total number, 18,909 people were employed in the Army, the Ministry of Interior, the National Security Agency, the Intelligence Agency and the Financial Police Administration,” the Minister of Information Society and Administration in the Government pointed out.

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